Individual Sessions
In my sessions, I teach men, women and couples how to experience sexual bliss and help them to overcome different obstacles on their way to fulfilling intimate life.
By using my practical tools you can discover how to:
For men
  • Overcome sexual anxiety and become a confident lover
  • Last as long as you want
  • Treat erectile dysfunction without drugs
  • Give and have multiple orgasms
  • Orgasm without ejaculation
  • Understand what women want in bed
  • Discover tools to drive your partner wild
For women
  • Increase sensitivity in the whole body
  • Unlock every possible kind of orgasm
  • Express your sensuality in an authentic, natural and spontaneous way
  • Release fear, shame, guilt and trauma, so that you can feel safe and relaxed
  • Claim your deepest needs and desires by establishing clear communication and boundaries
For couples
  • Feel more connected and present while lovemaking
  • Master the art of Tantric sex and Tantric massage
  • Support a partner in healing from sexual trauma
  • Deepen your relationship through open communication, vulnerability, and safe space holding
  • Create more chemistry and attraction between each other
  • Experience long states of sexual bliss together
What to Expect in My Sessions
I always tailor my client sessions with the individual approach for my clients. For me, it is important to create a safe and comfortable environment that is why I discuss professional and personal boundaries before initiating every step and after receiving solid "yes" from my clients. It is also possible to stretch boundaries or set new ones in the process. I avoid the same, ready-made solution for everyone. We all are very different and, consequently, need to follow our natural pace and rhythm. Some people like very intense and mind-blowing processes and I respect it, but if you want to transform your nervous system and experience ecstatic sex, then you must be prepared for long and careful work.

I prefer not to accelerate the process of healing or transformation by starting with a very intense process at the beginning of our work. You can expect that the first session will be only about talking and getting to know each other. I need to collect information first, understand where you are on your way and only after that we will find together the direction of our collaboration for the future. I know that the real transformation happens through years of trials, experiments, repeating lessons and integration of the gained experience. So I will not put my client's nervous system under stress to reach big results in a short time. My motto is: "Less is more."
What Methods I Use
In my sessions, I use a great variety of techniques and methods from Western therapies and scientifically validated Eastern practices. I can incorporate breathwork, movement, touch, sound, intimate massage, Shiatsu, meditations, pelvic release or de-armouring technique, exercises for boundary setting, development of communication skills, therapeutic talk, etc. During the session, my clients can choose whether they want to undress, receive touch, how to receive it and where. I do not receive a touch from my clients and cannot be engaged in sexual intercourse. The sessions have an only therapeutic and educational purpose, so my clients must understand that I cannot fulfil their deepest sexual desires and fantasies even if we feel that arousal is present in the session.