About Me
I am often asked about my journey, and would therefore like to give you a little background on my own process of healing and transformation up to this moment.
Hi, My name is Eva Shafik
I have dedicated the last 10 years to my work with holistic sexology applying the most progressive and up-to-date methods to improve intimate life.
How It All Started
I was born in Poland, where I grew up, studied and graduated from the Business Academy as an economist. In 1997 I moved to Oslo and started my interpreter career. I was quite satisfied with my life: I had a good job, husband, friends. But I always wished to find the work which would be also my passion, something I would love with all my heart till the end of my life.

In 2009 I attended Shiatsu training in Poland which showed me the power of present touch and compassionate environment. Since then I knew I wanted to work helping people to live healthier and happier lives. When one of my friends, who had already worked as a professional sex-educator, offered me individual lessons on tantric massage and a job in his tantra massage studio I immediately said yes, even without knowing exactly what this work was about.
Awakening Senses
From 2014, at the beginning of my professional career as a Tantric massage therapist and sex-educator, I experienced a great somatic awakening. I experimented a lot with my body by receiving Tantric massages, sexological bodywork and de-armouring sessions, practising different kinds of meditations, yoga and conscious kink. As a result, my level of sensitivity grew and I could experience multiple orgasms and extended erotic states. I was so inspired by the results of embodiment practices that I decided to go deeper into the study of human sexuality.
Restoring Heart-Genital Connection
In my work with massages, I met many people who had problems with chronic tension, numbness and other issues on the body level that were holding them back from experiencing sexual bliss. I realized that most of them had a problem not only with physical blockages but also with fear to connect to others on a deep emotional level. To learn how to cope with relational and sexual problems I finished education in the Heart School Tantra where they taught a combination of methods from Gestalt therapy, Primal therapy, trauma healing, couple therapy, sexological bodywork and Tantra. I use a lot of those teachings to help my clients to feel the juiciness of real intimacy and closeness without fears, tension, shame and other restrictions.
Sexuality and Spirituality
Searching for the best ways to enhance intimacy I came to the conclusion that I cannot avoid the spiritual aspect of sexuality on my path. If you want to experience bliss and ecstasy too, sooner or later you will discover that these states emerge from the deepest feeling of unconditional love, connectedness, trust, peace of mind and highest view on surrounding people and phenomena. I have spent many years on healing the body from the influence of past negative experiences, but I have also realized that if I keep on supporting repeating negative tendencies of my mind there will not be much development and stable results in the future.

Very big insight and awakening of my awareness happened in 2016 after a very painful breakup and deep emotional crisis. In order to survive I was forced to find the methods to revise my system of beliefs. I questioned many concepts, stiff ideas and negative thoughts that made me feel stressed and, as a result, my body, mind and heart opened even more. I incorporated this Mind Work in my professional activity and it shows very fast and significant results in combination with embodiment practices.
Where I am now
At this moment, I study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Zen Shiatsu School and apply for work with subtle energies of the body in my practice with clients. This knowledge helps me to harmonize and restore normal functioning of inner organs that can boost not only sexual activity but the general emotional and physical health.

On the basis of my experience, I can tailor sessions according to individual needs of my clients. They can be both healing and educational. I can help my clients to find the easiest and most efficient approach through the work with the mind, body, energy or combination of them to open the door to sexual bliss and healthier life. I have also created several programs that consist of a series of sessions that can give you a new perspective on human sexuality and take your skills as a lover to a totally new level.

Education and courses:
Zen Shiatsu School
2018 - 2022, Oslo Norway (Ane Grimsæth)
Shiatsu Norge is a part of European Shiatsu School. The teaching consist of three years of advansed educational program based on TCM, 400 hours
Scandinavian Summer Camp, The Work of Byron Katie
2020, Mundekulla, Sweden (with Ernest Holm Svendsen), 50 hours
Baby Massage Course
2017, Prague, Czech Republic (Peter Walker), 20 hours
Shaman's course "Dancing With Gods"
2016, Nowa Morawa, Poland, 80 hours
Acupressure Master Program
2015 - 2017 Acupressure online course, California Acupressure Institute (Michael Reed Gach), 10 months, 120 hours
Fasting Courses
2009 - 2017 detoxing, health restoring fasting on water, macrobiotic lifestyle, shiatsu massage, nutrition education, every spring, Poland, (Agnieszka Olędzka), 480 hours
Holistic Sensual Massage
2016, Course for professional Tantric massouse, Republic (Daniela Lukesova), 50 hours
2 Year Training in Heart Tantra School
2014 - 2016, Poland (Mario and Gaya Wisniewski), 400 hours
Tai Chi Course
2016, Hammar, Norway, 2 weekends per year, 110 hours
Karate Training
2012 - 2016, Oslo, Norway, 100 hours
The Three Trainings of 3TH2N
2012 - 2016, 3 times a year intense course in self-development (Kenny Johnnson), 650 hours
Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Eternal Youth Yoga System
2012 - 2016, Norway and Spain (Kenny Johnson) + once a week training, 400 hours
Shaman's seminar "The Hero's Journey"
2014, Winna Góra, Poland, 80 hours
Prana Healing Course
2013, levels 1 and 2, Krakow, Poland (Choa Kok Sui) 30 hours
Zen Meditation Course in KUSZ
2001 - 2010, Kuan Um school, group retreat in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Norway, approximately 500 hours
Business Academy
1987 - 1992, Business and Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Administration, Graduate Civil Economist, Wroclaw, Poland